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British singer-songwriter Will Young reinvents classic tracks by female artists on his newly released eighth studio album "Crying on the Bathroom Floor." He intended to record an album that celebrates some of the modern female artists he admired in pop.” “In today’s times, it’s so much easier and accepted to occupy other genders, ideas and explore new avenues,” he says. It’s an intriguing concept that translates across the 10-song set, which explores many emotions through the female gaze. The pairing of Will and producer Richard X is a dream and, three albums into their working relationship, the unity between the vocals and music has never sounded stronger. Nor has Will’s voice, which is rich, warm and as distinctive as it was back in his Pop Idol days, commanding each track as both a singer and narrator of the stories he’s telling. Impressively, he makes each track his own, with Everything but the Girl’s "Missing," Lykke Li’s "I Follow Rivers," and title track MUNA’s "Crying on the Bathroom Floor are instant highlights. The ballads are, of course, stunning, with Will’s take on Clare Maguire’s "Elizabeth Taylor" a standout from the album and his career.

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