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Winnetka Bowling League has released their new EP ‘pulp’ and new single ‘fiimy (fuck it, I miss you)" featuring Demi Lovato and going on tour supporting CHVRCHES on their almost sold out UK “Screen Violence Tour” starting this March. The EP features the new single “fiimy (fuck it, I miss you)” by Winnetka Bowling League and Demi Lovato, along with two previously released tracks including title track “pulp. The collaboration between Winnetka Bowling League and Demi Lovato on “fiimy (fuck it, I miss you)” came about last year when Demi reached out to frontman Matthew Koma after posting a clip of the song on TikTok. The two decided to record the song together. Matthew says “fiimy” is about running into an ex for the first time since a breakup and the rush of mixed feelings that ad target you. There’s wondering if you even know that person anymore, and there’s reckoning with your own “did I fuck up a good thing.” When Demi heard the lyrics, I think they reminded them of their version of that experience…so it was really cool to hear them come with a verse framing how that story was told in their world. It takes dismissing a lot of pride to admit to yourself you miss someone.” Demi adds, “Winnetka Bowling League has such a unique sound, and I am excited to be on this record with them. If these times taught us anything, it’s the power of human connection and missing someone, and I think this song speaks to that in a very honest and relevant way.”