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Better known as @xobrooklynne on TikTok, the 17-year-old built her brand with body-positive content and some POV princess videos. But don’t try to put her in a box, especially now. Her focus has been promoting her new single “My Crown” all over her page for the past month. It’s a song dedicated to all of her haters—and wow, did they show up. But now she surprised everyone and dropped her full album that includes fourteen tracks of the same song remixed in different ways from dance club to Broadway. Plenty of social media stars has turned their attention to the music industry over the years. TikTok is no exception, with its popular influencers releasing their hit songs and even albums in some cases. Bella Poarch, Addison Rae, and Dixie D’Amelio are all famous stars who have released music that has been the subject of conversation on social media. The latest artist to cause a stir is Brooklynne Webb, who goes by the name. Broklynne is a TikToker with over 10 million followers, often posts videos about makeup and fashion, and shares messages of positivity. On December 8, she released her debut song, "My Crown," but the song and accompanying music video divided viewers as people couldn’t tell whether the star was serious. Although Brooklynne is not planning on pursuing a music career, it seems that this project has garnered her a whole new group of fans.

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