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Malaysian pop sensation Yuna has announced her forthcoming album "Y5," the follow-up to her defiant fourth LP "Rouge." "Y5," which reckons with life and death, will be released in five installments, with the first one has been released entitled "Y1." The songs include “Intro,” “Hello,” “Pantone 17 13 30,” and “Cigarette,” all of which are accompanied by an Adam Sinclair-directed visual concept rooted in the beauty of Joshua Tree in California. Yuna has been sharing her thoughts and inspirations behind each track on "Y1" in the run-up to the EP’s release, revealing some very personal information about herself in the process. On March 9, she shared in an Instagram post that the EP’s first track "Hello," deals with the death of her cousin the previous year, calling it her “most personal project to date”. She also shared that the song "Cigarette" deals with “the temporariness of artists in the music industry”, explaining, “I noticed that when I was doing a lot of cool things I attracted a lot of people and opportunities and when I’m kinda idle and taking a break they all just go away looking for the next one.” Yuna has previously mentioned in an Instagram Stories Q&A that "Y5" does not contain any artist collaborations as of yet, though she revealed in April last year that she had been working with producer Malay – who worked on Frank Ocean’s critically acclaimed ‘Channel Orange’ – for the album.

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