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Yvonne Catterfeld, who made her breakthrough as a GZSZ actress in the noughties, also successfully took on music from day one. A bit sappy, a bit predictable, but she was never one of the evil protagonists of the German pop industry. With the new album "Change," Yvonne Catterfeld has presented 13 English-language songs, on the one hand, and in part very modern, but on the other hand also very much related to musical traditions. Catterfeld justified switching to English by saying that German always seems so cerebral and rational to her. In the best moments of “Change,“ She shook off German pop, lived up to her named inspirations and made some of the best songs of her career. Anyone who has followed Yvonne Catterfeld's artistic work over the years knows that she can sing well and maybe also that she always struggled a little with her music. Well, “Change” is supposed to change what is already assigned or announced by the album's title. Yvonne Catterfeld can, of course, still sing well, maybe now, even better over the years, and documents this in an impressive way with this album, which is very consistent in itself. Significantly, the prominent notes hardly come out of the phrase juice. Ironically, the record dilutes itself more and more into nice radio toothless the closer it gets to the big, abstract themes. If she sings out of her mind, on the other hand, it becomes more and more of a liberation. If Catterfeld stays in this zone, she will undoubtedly become the queen at every exchange concert in the next few years.

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