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23-year-old singerSweden singer Zara Larsson has released her third studio album titled "Poster Girl," which took her four years to create as her last album was released back in 2016. The lavish collection of 12 songs that explore the best and worst parts of pop music is primarily about love being the centrepiece as it is a topic she knows best. "Poster Girl" blends elegant electro-pop and R&B, with a dash of EDM on the Marshmellow-produced "Wow" and a Young Thug feature on her latest single "Talk About Love." Larsson deserves the mega-stardom of her pop contemporaries. She has the presence and style to compete with others like Billie Eilish or Selena Gomez. Poster Girl proves just this. Track after track, the electronic beats and her excellently matched vocals show she’s exactly who our next favourite pop girl should be.