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Canadian singer and songwriter Cooper Bloom has just shared his official debut single, Drinkin Alone, an upbeat electro-pop song about being honest with yourself and speaking your truth. Born and raised just outside of Toronto, Cooper Bloom has been performing since the age of two. Growing up through to his teenage years, also saw Bloom take part in the world of competitive dance, so it seems only natural that we now have the formations of a promising new pop star. The track is infused with a touch of vulnerability that beautifully matches the song's hopeful and positive message. I am very fond of the bass, bright synths, and catchy beat that create an overall feel-good atmosphere that makes "Drinkin Alone" a cool song for the weekend. Cooper Bloom said of the song, “There is strength in being honest with yourself and speaking your truth. The last two years for me have been super difficult. I think drinking during the hard times was an escape for me to stop thinking about the reality of everything going on. 'Drinkin Alone" is hopeful and uplifting, a song that would have helped me when I needed to make a change for the better.”

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