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Utah-born singer and songwriter Lillian Hepler is an 18-year-old pop singer/songwriter who hopes to inspire others through her music. Lillian released her first EP Ghosts in 2017 and, ever since then, has continued to release original content. Writing and recording music since she was 15, she burst onto the scene with her single “Nightmare.” Gaining popularity through her jaw-dropping vocals and popular TikTok videos. She is known for her powerful vocals, and soulful grain, which she uses to create a sound that has elements of pop and R&B. Lillian has already released five singles in 2020 so far. Following the popular “Strangers,” “Even If It Hurts,” and “Nightmare” has danced across fans’ airwaves.

She already co-released singles with L'oreal for her song "Baddie." In her power suits and radiant glamour, she seems just as likely on her way to taking over Hollywood, where she's also done some time, starring in K-9 Adventures: Legends of the Lost Gold with Beverly Hills 90210's Luke Perry. Lillian Hepler blends both style and substance, though, having both in spades. It's beyond incredible and a little bit ridiculous that someone with such a powerful, soulful voice isn't even 20 years old. Hepler's most recent song, "Easy," is a stripped-down soul/trap hybrid, blending the passion and power of latter-day Adele or Beyonce with The Weeknd's world-weary elegance. There's less critical distance here, though, and less self-destructive.

Lillian Hepler is a rising star with multitudes of devoted fans on Instagram and TikTok. She has yet to release a full-length album but has hundreds of thousands of followers across all social media, yet she remains approachable and real, which also seems like an accomplishment in today's meticulously curated, filtered selfie world.

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