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Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Matt Simmons gave us the first taste of new music in 2021 called “Identity." With this song, he represents a new phase in his career. He explores a new style and experiments with contemporary influences. The new song was written in Italy with his two friends Sean Myer, and Caroline Pennell is a classic Matt Simons song. Thanks to the honest text in which one can easily recognize oneself, the piece highlights the vulnerability and insecurities of the artist.

Simons broke through in the Netherlands in 2012 with the hit "With You." Later, in 2015 and 2016, he made his worldwide breakthrough with "Catch & Release." The animated video of “Identity Crisis,” made by the Istanbul-based animator Kozmonot, perfectly illustrates the piece's theme in technicolor. The video clip is beautifully illustrated, so it's definitely worth watching!

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