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Los Angeles singer-songwriter Raye Robinson has premiered her debut single titled "Daisies" off her upcoming debut EP entitled "Crushes & Love Songs," set to be released later this year. The song, which Rob Auerbach produced, has a rich beaming quality in this open and intimate offering. Through stunning, delicate, yet strong vocals, she narrates a complicated situation where she reflects on her choices. The track starts with short piano stabs with evocative lyrics introducing the track in a floral tenderness. The chorus is a blossoming bloom of power with a mighty, gritty bass that resonates throughout the bassy piano. Raye Robinson said, “I ended things with a guy that I saw because I was afraid to get into something serious. After we stopped seeing each other, though, I really missed the connection we had, and I couldn’t stop wondering, ‘Does he miss me too? Does he hate me now? Did I make the right decision?’”