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Canadian-born Muslim has been an OG of the online, modest fashion community since she began posting her outfits on Instagram in 2016 and has since amassed a loyal following of 139K followers on Instagram and 346K on TikTok. Her striking, edgy style that plays with layers and fabrics has provided us with outfit inspiration for many years, but now, she is turning her attention to music. Nemah has not been shy of sharing her rich vocals on social media, releasing successful covers of songs such as "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse and "No Tears to Cry" by Ariana Grande. Last year. She released her much-anticipated debut single, "What if I Took it Off For You?" and we have had it on repeat ever since. The track is the first song Nemahsis ever wrote, fitting that it’s her first single. It deals with her experience getting screwed over by a multimillion-dollar corporation that refused to pay her for a campaign. The song examines the fallout after the brand ignored her and used the images, analyzing Nemahsis’ emotions and identity through the soulful, dynamic ballad.

She then released her single "Paper Thin," a brooding guitar ballad, exploring the insecurities a young Nemahsis faced while growing up. Conflicted by her appearance, Nemah would pray to God to change her appearance. “I was taught to pray for whatever you want, and God will provide. I wasted two decades begging for fairer skin and lighter eyes; it became routine,” says Memphis. “I spent the majority of my life hating the features I currently love most about myself.” A display of her intimate storytelling, "Paper Thin," is the outcome of Nemah overcoming her internal battles and learning to love herself. Her angelic tone is simply divine, but what makes her music so special is her lyrics.

Nemahsis is a fresh talent who grew up on a farm outside of Toronto. Before entering the music world, she was a Grade A business student and worked for a cosmetics giant. The quiet storm of her vocals has already found a massive audience across social media. Equipped with memorable songs and poignant lyrics, "Paper Thin" is another soul-baring track from the emerging singer/songwriter. With plenty of new material to come from Nemahsis, including her upcoming release, "Dollar Signs," is anything to go by, there’s a lot more greatness where that came from.

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