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After a six-year absence, Adele has officially kicked off her new era with the power ballad “Easy on Me." The song’s stirring video launches with black-and-white footage before the singers is a scene in full colour. It opens on Adele leaving her home, taking one last wistful look out the window before moving on and hitting the road. She pops in a cassette that plays the song as sheets of music flutter out the car’s window while she reflects on what led to this point and asks for both patience and grace. Xavier Dolan, who also directed the video for her 25 single “Hello,” reunited with Adele for the visual. The clip was filmed in the same house where their last video was shot. The singer-songwriter has previously pointed out that much of the album is an open letter to her now nine-year-old son and about her divorce from her son’s father. As the track concludes, she points out how hard she’s tried to make everything work and put her family first. “I had good intentions/And the highest hopes/But I know right now/It probably doesn’t even show.” Anticipation for the single was high enough that, just on YouTube, 100,000 people were logged onto her page, awaiting the opening notes of the video moments before the song premiered. Within the first 45 minutes, YouTube views topped 650,000. the Grammy winner’s new album "30" will be the first new song since the release of 2015’s "25."