• Muzik First


AJ Wander practices cautious realism amid heartbreak in his newest single, “Take It All.” London-based singer AJ Wander is a Gen Y artist who puts his first-world problems into songs and welcomes anyone along for the ride. The song of a pianist father, AJ, had music in his genes from an early age. Varying instruments were scattered around his childhood home in the suburbs of southeast London – a musical landscape that inspired a young AJ to sing, play and eventually write. He has recorded several tracks in London and Barcelona with producer Brad Mair (Dean Lewis, Jamie Cullum, Kygo), culminating in his first EP release due in early 2022. “Take It All” is a track AJ wrote with his friend Geth in a caravan in rural Wales last November while AJ was experiencing a toxic relationship. In the lyrics, listeners hear a reminder that AJ has set for himself as he learns to let go – not to get distracted by glimpses of light amongst the darkness. It’s a reminder that can resonate with anyone dealing with an ended relationship, particularly when we may want to find what feels comfortable, even if we know it wasn’t healthy for us. Delicate piano melodies blend with skip-beats to create the backdrop for AJ’s expressive vocals. There’s obvious hurt behind the lyrics, but there’s also a strength that shines through as the track approaches an explosive chorus filled with cathartic energy.