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After releasing one of the best R&B songs of 2021, Alex Isley returns with a sweet gift for fans this Valentine’s Day—an endearing ballad entitled “Love Again.” Like a soft, cool breeze on a warm Fall day, Isley’s vocals ease in after the soothing strings, stirring feelings of romance. Whether it’s two old lovers reuniting like Issa and Lawrence during Insecure‘s fourth season or a new couple exploring the possibility of being more than friends, there’s a magic that Isley encompasses with her musical partner, Jack Dine. With “Love Again,” the musical artists have yet another beautiful masterpiece on their hands. “Love Again is about how sweet it can be to have another shot at love,” Isley said when sharing the meaning behind her new single. “I’m a hopeFUL romantic, and it’s that hope that makes it all worthwhile.” Ahead of the single’s release, Isley teased on Instagram that “Love Again” was “oneee more single,” presumably ahead of an album or EP release. Her last project—a five-track EP entitled "Wilton" arrived in 2019. Fitting right in with the likes of classic R&B love songs like Musiq Soulchild’s “Love” or newer love tunes like Pink Sweat$’s Tori Kelly-assisted ballad, “Real Thing,” This serves as Alex Isley's first official release of 2022. Hopefully, it hints at a larger project to come. If we wanted to get detective-y about it, we would point out that the cover art for both "Love Again" and "Still Wonder" are styled similarly, perhaps alluding to a larger theme or a connection of some sort-- time will tell.