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Alfie Templeman has announced his debut album "Mellow Moon" and shared the lead single "Broken." Following on from 2021’s mini-album "Forever Isn’t Long Enough," which blended rowdy festival anthems with funk and disco, debut album proper ‘Mellow Moon’ is a mix of “R&B, pop, folk and rock,” according to the 19-year-old, along with “crazy guitar solos but also little bits of jazz” Sharing new track ‘Broken’ alongside the news, Alfie says, “It’s a bit of an anthem for people my age really, all the wobbles of being a teenager and figuring yourself out. It’s about realizing that analyzing yourself is an important part of growing up.” “I think people assume that I’m this easy, outgoing person, but there’s actually a lot more layers to me, and this record shows that,” he adds. “Writing songs like ‘Broken,’ ‘Take Some Time Away,’ and ‘Mellow Moon’ were like therapy. It was me asking, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ and ‘How am I going to get better?’ Just figuring things out in real-time. I had therapy, but there were still things unresolved in my mind. So I turned to music for the answers.” "Broken" and "3D Feelings" will feature on Templeman's debut album "Mellow Moon" will arrive via Chess Club Records/AWAL on May 27th. The self-taught musician plays 11 instruments on "Mellow Moon" and is also heavily involved with production and co-production duties.