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Canadian singer Alicia Moffet has an obvious talent for translating her experiences into heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies. Whether it's danceable pop anthems or a poignant ballad, her unique voice carries and inspires. Her new track, "Hard Feelings," is no exception. This second excerpt reveals a great vulnerability and a skin-deep sensitivity where the artist creates a universe full of contradictions, between harmony, dissonance, power and fragility. "Hard Feelings" is the work of Richard Beynon (BYNON) who also signs the production, Dani Poppit , Alex Saad , Cole Citrenbaum and Alicia Moffet . An independent production of Alicia Moffet Productions, THE ORCHARD distribution. The release of "Hard Feelings: is also accompanied by a new music video of incredible beauty and moving sobriety. Directed by Thomas Soto, under the photography direction of Benoit Jones-Vallée, this production by the Moonstruhk creative team features Alicia, alone in an unreal and confusing universe, literally upside down, perhaps reflecting feelings. who inhabit it where she gets lost and tries to find herself… Catherine Thibault signs the choreography of this clip to debut on March 3. Also, last October, Alicia launched the acoustic versions of 4 of her songs – "Beautiful Scar," "Body High," "Strangers," and "Take Control" – with "Billie Ave. (Unplugged)" . The original album "Billie Ave." and "Billie Ave. (Unplugged)."