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Canadian singer Allan Rayman is back with a new single, the first of his upcoming album, "Roadhouse 2." The new track, "Rider," is reminiscent of Rayman's early albums such as "Hotel Allan" and "Roadhouse 01," yet sonically expands upon the edgy and enigmatic R&B he's known for. The wintry music video features Rayman embarking on a dizzying mental odyssey through a snow-covered forest as he sees flashes of what could become of his future should he allow the darkest parts of himself to take over his life. With a sense of impending doom, the melancholic track hints at the sinister path Rayman will take unless he regains autonomy over himself as he sees visions of his life from beginning to end. Thanks to the minimalistic drums and similar animalistic imagery from his first couple of albums, there's also a feeling of familiarity. His signature gravelly vocals are on full display as he ponders, feeling like prey. "Rider" draws inspiration from the Kurt Vonnegut classic "Slaughterhouse-Five," with Rayman giving a new meaning to the novel's iconic quote about the character of Billy Pilgrim being unstuck in time. Serving as the first teaser from his upcoming album set to drop in March, Rayman sets the scene for what is due to be an eye-opening project. Revealing that the 13-track album will document his career to date and find positivity in a negative space, be sure to expect nothing but honesty in the singer’s latest release.