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DJ Alok made his fans excited with his newly released new track titled "In My Mind," his unprecedented collaboration with singer John Legend. "It's a huge pleasure to build stories with professionals I've always admired, and John Legend is one of them. Producing 'In My Mind' with this partnership was, in addition to being a pleasure, very gratifying," declared the DJ. Superstar of the pop and dance music universe, with billions of streams, accounted for, on all digital platforms, the DJ and producer is the second electronic artist with the most followers on Instagram, with over 25 million fans and over 20 million monthly listeners, being the Brazilian name most heard in the world. He is best known for his single "Hear Me Now." In 2020, Alok was ranked the 5th best DJ in the world by DJ Mag, the highest position occupied by a Brazilian and the Brazilian name most heard globally. In recent news, several hitmakers will be performing original songs for Warren on her debut album which includes John Legend on the track titled, "Where Is Your Heart." Other superstars include Celine Dion, Maren Morris, Rita Ora, Ty Dolla $ign, and Luis Fonsi.

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