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It’s been four months since Aly & AJ hit the bullseye with their fourth studio album, "a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet, gets you out and then into the sun." Now, the Michalka sisters are back as they will be releasing a deluxe version of "a touch of the beat…" slated for release in early 2022. And today, the siblings are premiering their new single, “Get Over Here,” a hypnotic ode to newfound love or lust and all the reckless urges and demands that come with it. “Get Over Here” was one of three songs along with “Paradise” and “Don’t Need Nothing” that jump-started the entire creative process for what would eventually become a "touch of the beat…" way back in December 2019 during a three-day songwriting session in Denver, Colorado. To complete the track’s sonic landscape, Aly & AJ enlisted help from Lo Moon guitarist Sam Stewart to deliver the buzzy solo. While other songs on the standard edition were inspired by the warmth and storytelling of rock’s female forebears like Nancy Wilson and Melissa Etheridge (both of whom can be found within the album’s liner notes providing background vocals and guitar, respectively, on various tracks), “Get Over Here” found the Michalka's drawing parallels to an entirely different, yet equally influential, female-fronted act.