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Canadian singer-songwriter Alyssa Reid released a new song, “Roses,” which serves as her first single since the 2021 album “ASHS.” Alyssa Reid said of the song, “Often I start writing and let my subconscious tell the story. I won't even know how I’m feeling until I've finished writing about it. This song, 'Roses,' kind of wrote itself. I sat down at the piano one day, picked a starting chord, and the entire song just spilled out.” She continued, “I wasn't thinking about how others might perceive it. I only know where I was when I felt compelled to write. I was experiencing a lot of numbness, and I didn't know why.” She added, “You'll notice a juxtaposition between the sensitive subject matter and the beauty in the imagery. The pre-chorus lyrics highlight the way we celebrate people posthumously. We ignore and tear down the living, then they die, and we glorify them and call them legends. Always seemed strange to me.” She also wants to help others dealing with mental health issues in her music. She has been connecting with “The Lifeline Canada Foundation.” Alyssa’s career began in 2008 on "The Next Star." She rose to fame in 2011, following her #1 debut single "Alone Again" featuring P. Reign, which has sold over a million copies worldwide. Since then has gone on international tours, and penned hit songs for artists like Virginia to Vegas, Bulow, and Alessia Cara, to name a few.

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