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DJ Jimir Reece Davis, aka Amorphous teamed up with singer-songwriter Kehlani to release a new song, “Back Together." Amorphous gained major steam in the industry throughout quarantine as he presented a worldwide social media audience with mashups of their favourite hits. This caught the attention of mainstream artists, and soon, Amorphous was working with Fat Joe on his song "Sunshine (The Light)" alongside DJ Khaled. Then, there was the time that Amorphous tweeted that his Macbook was on its last leg, so, naturally, Oprah Winfrey let him know that she'd be buying him a new one. Amorphous shared on social media, “I really can't believe I'm putting out my OFFICIAL debut single. This song means so much to me. It is truly a beautiful statement/introduction as a producer-artist. I've been producing for a long time, so this moment is surreal. this is just the beginning. I'm here to stay!"


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