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Last month, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Anderson East announced his upcoming third studio album, “Maybe We Never Die,” and now he drops the second single titled "Drugs." Veering away from the retro R&B sounds that have been a mainstay of his albums, East cooks up a bass-driven disco groove for “Drugs” that’s accented by theremin and perky flute runs. The Alabama native adopts a silky falsetto for most of the tune, pondering the eternal difficulty of facing reality.

East wrote the song with Aaron Raitiere after thinking about how people prevent themselves from being present or otherwise obsess in unhealthy ways. “I feel like that song, that was the hardest one to get right because it’s definitely not a glorification of drugs,” he said in a release. “If anything, it’s a hardened look at yourself inward.” East recently announced his "Maybe We Never Die Tour," which gets underway October 13th in Mobile, Alabama, with supporting performers on select dates including Foy Vance, Bendigo Fletcher, and Savannah Conley. Tickets go on sale on May 21st at 10 a.m.