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Anson Seabra’s music creates an atmosphere that discusses topics of mental health, fairy tales and heartbreak. He often reflects on society, and through meditation, he has been able to look inward to love himself more. Despite this growth, Seabra still openly writes songs about the times when self-hatred feels inevitable, a natural part of being human for almost everybody. on his new single release, Seabra talks about the bittersweet emotions involved in a breakup with his latest “Unloving You.” The single, which he dubs as his “biggest banger” he released so far, emphasizes how things can get difficult post-breakup – where one party is okay, and the other party finds it hard to move on after all the effort on making things work. The track is backed with dramatic instrumentals, rounding up the song well. After releasing the single worldwide, Seabra took to Twitter and asked his listeners about their favourite lyrics from the single. Fans responded with lines that deeply resonated with them. Seabra also flexes his songwriting skills with a mix of honest, straight-to-the-heart words and metaphors reflective of his feelings. He thanks his fans for the never-ending support and teased on the said platform that he has 15 songs he has yet to release and perform. Seabra will set out on the road this Spring for his Wonderland Tour, with some venues already sold out on tickets. Singer-songwriter Em Beihold will be joining the tour as well.