• Muzik First


Astrid S and Dagny, two Norwegian pop princesses, for a portion of winter pop magic on collaboration “Pretty.” It is not very surprising that the two meet for a collaboration. Both women are well known in their Norwegian home (and beyond), and their musical worlds are also very similar. With her soft pop voice, Astrid S provides a shimmering winter breeze from the start, which becomes even more powerful with the voice effects floating around cozy in the background. Astrid S quickly moves on to a full and straightforward chorus, made to all pop rules for easy humming along. “It has been fantastic to work with Dagny, especially since I am a big fan of her as an artist and songwriter. We had a lot of fun in the studio when we did this song, which is why I'm so happy we can release it together,” said Astrid. Dagny fills in nicely in the second stanza, and although their voices might melt a bit too much during the harmony vocals, “Pretty” does retain its pleasant character due to the adlibs added towards the end. The Norwegian ladies will certainly not win an originality prize with this collaboration, but that doesn't mean anything wrong in this case either. Astrid S and Dagny mainly create a song with “Pretty” according to the classic dance-pop recipe that we are used to from both and thus provide a short but effective dose of euphoria.