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20-year-old rising star Audrey Mika returns to release her new song and video for “Alive” via RCA Records. Written by Audrey, Midi Jones, Andrew Luce, Jesse Saint John and Amisha Sarkar and produced by Midi Jones and Andrew Luce, “Alive” is a soaring showcase for Audrey’s powerhouse vocals. Mika begins her heartening story of wanting to return to her first love – dancing from the first gentle piano chord played. Music had become a newer, stronger passion for Mika, but with time and distance – her heart grew fonder, and it was time to bridge her two true loves. "Alive" touches on the fear and self-doubt of returning to dance while showing off her impeccable vocal melody choices and moving songwriting – delivering a final product that may have you holding back tears. Earlier this year, Audrey released “Chivalry” and “Excuses, which were featured in Teen Vogue’s “Best New Music Friday” list as well as Billboard’s “10 Cool New Pop Songs.”