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Norwegian singer-songwriter AURORA unveiled two new songs, “A Dangerous Thing” and “Everything Matters,” from her upcoming third studio album “The Gods We Can Touch." “A Dangerous Thing” was written and produced by AURORA and Martin Sjølie, and the second track, “Everything Matters,” features French singer-songwriter Pomme. It was written by AURORA, Jamie Hartman and Pomme and produced by AURORA, Jamie Hartman and Magnus Skylstad. She recorded the album at a castle Baroniet Rosendal in Norway. “I get affected by my surroundings, so it’s been very special to write an album in Norway in peace and quiet,” AURORA told Gay Times. “It has so much history, and it felt really right making the album there. Making albums is my favourite thing to do in life. I’ve started my next album already. It’s been amazing to make an album from home. It’s a very playful album inspired by that urge of not being ashamed of wonderful things.” AURORA upcoming album is due for release on January 21, 2022, "The Gods We Can Touch" will include “Giving In To The Love,” “Cure for Me,” and other tracks that are unique to the Norwegian singer-songwriter. Listeners can expect a few more singles in the months leading up to the release. AURORA sold out her shows in LA and NY last year, but EU and UK fans can catch her on tour in February through April 2022.