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Ava Max is getting ready for her new music era and has released a new song to set the stage for her next album. The new track entitled “Maybe You're The Problem” serves as the first single off her upcoming sophomore album of the same name. The inspiration for "Maybe You’re The Problem” is a direct reflection of her new album, which she defines as “very vulnerable” and “completely different than my last album.” This is why she chose it to be the first single, as it “sets the tone of everything else,” Back in March, she told a Billboard about the second album. “I spent all year writing on this next album. I spent all last year writing, and it was the hardest year of my life, last year, personally. This music will say a lot. Especially this new song coming out later this month. I've never written anything so personal, and it's probably some of the best music I've ever written.” She continued, “It's still anthemic and pop and amazing, but I think it's a little different. It's more personal, and I hope the fans [like it]. I'm terrified because I feel like a piece of my heart is coming out, and I'm super nervous about it.” In addition, Ava gave a shout-out to her recent track “Motto” collaborator Tiesto, saying he “inspired this whole new sound for me.” Ava also revealed what inspired her dramatic makeover, where she went from her signature platinum blonde hair to a cherry-red chop cut. As for her success, Ava wasn’t an overnight thing, though most think it was with the release of “Sweet but Psycho.” As Ava revealed, she actually, “got signed a few years before that, and it was kinda like a boot camp almost, I just wrote hundreds of songs, and then I released 'Sweet but Psycho.'”