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Bülow is flipping the script on her latest single, “Playing Me Back,” a dynamic takedown executed in under two minutes via Republic Records. “This song is for anybody who’s ever been played or played somebody,” the singer wrote on social media. “Let the games begin.” On “Playing Me Back,” Bülow is in control, at least at first. “Oh, you fell in my trap / Just swimming upstream / Cause we’re moving too fast / Can’t stand on your feet / If I pulled you under, you got too weak,” she sings in the opening verse. But by the time the second verse arrives after a beaming chorus, her arsenal of tricks has run dry: “I’m all out of moves, and it’s makin’ you laugh / Man, where’d you learn so fast? / Hate to give it to you, but I met my match.” “Playing Me Back” follows Bülow’s first release of the year, the self-confronting “Don’t Break His Heart,” shared in January. The track connects to the same conceptual theme of playing someone and being played and the distrust that lingers. “Message in a bottle / Keep it cryptic, my bravado,” she sings. “When you kiss me, I kiss back / You tell a joke, I fake a laugh.” “I let my curiosity lead me and ended up getting way too deep with somebody I didn’t have business going deep with,” Bülow said of the song in a statement. “I tend to go with the flow if it feels good, and sometimes it gets me in trouble. It’s weird sometimes I don’t understand my emotions entirely, but that’s why I wrote this song.” The singer is currently on the road, performing her collection of emotion-reflecting songs throughout North America on tour with Conan Gray.

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