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BANKS already crowned herself the high priestess of her dark pop universe in 2014 with her debut "Goddess" and has continued to do so with just as many sensual whispers ever since. Successors "The Alter" and "III" were all strong albums provided with their dark sound ritual and firmly strengthened her reputation as an alternative pop goddess. After a long period of silence, BANKS released two new songs last year, which raised the expectation for a new musical chapter. In recent weeks, she even left some extra hints online, but she now seems to be effectively confirming that a new album is on the way and has released a new single titled "Holding Back." The new album would be "Serpentina" and is expected to be released sometime this year. We know from her previous work that BANKS likes to experiment. She does this not only in her alternative rhythms and often haunting melodies but even more so in the use of her voice. "Holding Back" takes her raw voice through the digital effects mill several times and successfully. This time no demonic poltergeist sounds, but a representative from another dimension, which is firmly pitched in the air. The heavily edited vocals also form the basis of the chorus, which immediately gives the song a very catchy hook. In between, we get to hear BANK's authentic voice, on which she shows herself more than ever from an even rawer and more powerful side.