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Bastille has unveiled their new song, “Give Me The Future,” from their upcoming fourth studio album. Additionally, featured in Jeep’s new campaign video, “Life Electrified,” is also out today. Following last month’s ‘Distorted Light Beam,’ Dan Smith says of their sci-fi-inspired latest, “‘Give Me The Future’ is a song about plugging into endless possibilities. It literally feels like everything is out there for the taking, all tastes catered for. The spaceship sound at the start? It’s us crash landing in the future. The reality we live in at the moment was the science fiction of not that long ago. Take a film like Minority Report. The technology in that seemed so far off, a fantasy. But it’s here; we’re way beyond it already. Had someone told you that 20 years ago when the film came out… you’d have laughed. Or been terrified.” Last month, Bastille returned with their latest single, “Distorted Light Beam.” The song, a gleaming, metallic rush of retro-futuristic pop, was co-written and co-produced with Ryan Tedder alongside the band’s long-time collaborator Mark Crew. It marks the beginning of a new chapter for the band—one that revolutionizes their sound—and hints at a new sonic and visual world to come.