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British pop-rock band Bastille will release their upcoming fourth studio album “Give Me the Future” on February 4, 2022, via Virgin EMI Records. It was executive produced by OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder. The band unveiled a new song, “Shut Off The Lights,” as the fifth single written by Dan Smith, Jonny Coffer, Phil Plested and Mark Crew and produced by Mark Crew, Dan Smith, and Jonny Coffer. "Give Me The Future" takes us into a fantasy wonderland free from restrictions. Each song is a different danceable dreamscape, a place where you can travel back and forward in time to be anyone, do anything, and embrace a new wave of automation. This enables the listener to get lost inside their imagination. The album is laced with references to the world of a sci-fi film, literature, video games and virtual reality. Bastille has cemented a reputation for building whole worlds around their releases throughout their previous three albums, often doing so with innovative, award-winning creativity. "Give Me The Future" is no different, this time accompanied by a fictional but familiar tech giant called "Future Inc," the creators of an invention called “Futurescape,” a device that allows users to live out their dreams virtually. It’s weaved through every element of the campaign and can be seen in the videos for all three singles: “Distorted Light Beam,” “Thelma & Louise,” and “No Bad Days.” Recently, Bastille contributed "Hope For the Future" to a short film “From Devil’s Breath,” produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.