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British pop-rock band Bastille premiered a new song, “Thelma + Louise,” which Follows recent singles "Distorted Light Beam" and "Give Me The Future." Produced by Dan Smith and Mark Crew is the latest single that will appear on their upcoming fourth studio album “Give Me The Future." Frontman Dan Smith wrote the song with Rami Yacoub via Zoom. He told YUNGBLUD, “I mean, I guess like a lot of music made over the last couple of years; it was, I wrote it over this month, not, not a lot of music but some I wrote the tune with a guy called Rami Yacoub. He's an absolute legend. He's just one of the nicest guys, his history of songwriting is insane.” He continued, “So, I only got a few songs I logged on over zoom, but when I did, and never good, you're like staring at each other it's on a focus. If you forget about the production, you think about the songs, great. Anyway, I've got on Rami, we put up for a while, and then basically, in a couple of hours, one evening we did three songs, and they're all on the album and the beginnings of this on the bones of this. We're both really quick, and so it's just really easy you had a guitar. I was on the keyboard, I mean, just we did three tunes. And then I took them away.” Over the last month, Bastille has performed their first live shows in 18 months with headline festival shows at both Standon Calling and Latitude and this week performed on BBC1 as part of the Olympics’ Homecoming Event.