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After a cameo at Wednesday night’s “La Casa de Papel: El Legado” global fan event streamed from Madrid, Becky G has released the full-length video of her reggaeton cover of “Bella Ciao,” an Italian anti-fascist protest song co-opted by the “Money Heist” gang as a resistance anthem of their own. “I have always loved "La Casa de Papel" and the way this show connected with millions of people across the world,” she said. "Bella Ciao" is an iconic song and marks a crucial moment in the series, so being asked to reimagine it and be a part of the "Casa de Papel" world is truly an honour. From recording the song to shooting the video, I hope everyone enjoys this cover as much as I do!” “Bella Ciao” premiered alongside a music video directed by Megan Gamez, which pays tribute to the red jumpsuit, mask and bars of gold from the Bank of Spain seen on the series. Netflix recently announced a "Money Heist" spin-off series is in the works, set to be released in 2023. The new drama, titled "Berlin: A New Series," will focus on the same name, played by Pedro Alonso. Berlin was killed off in season two but returned via flashbacks in subsequent episodes. "Money Heist" Season 5, part two, will be released on December 3 on Netflix. Just before “Squid Games” was launched worldwide, Netflix stressed that the series was its most-watched non-English-language drama until that point and had been seen by 180 million households worldwide.

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