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Australian singer/songwriter Benji Lewis dwells in the aching depths of new love in his new single “Head Rush.” It's a beautiful, intimate, and vulnerable outpouring of raw emotion and slick, chilled pop passion. There’s nothing as exciting, sweet, or scary as new love: That period of budding romance where anything is possible, and anything could happen. This is Benji Lewis’ first solo release of the year following February’s hypnotic “Ingrained In Wood,” a collaboration with Los Angeles duo Meridian. The lead single off the Melbourne-based artist’s forthcoming EP "Floating," which is set for release this June.“ Head Rush,” finds Lewis dwelling in the throes of his own vibrant and fragile emotions, with tempered, immediate sonics and a touchingly poignant narrative serving as his song’s guiding lights. Cool, percussive guitars make for a powerful backdrop while “Head Rush” gets underway; as ethereal vocal oohs and ahhs fill in some empty space, Lewis sings hot on the mic, his tender, golden voice getting up close and personal with listeners. Lewis worked with MTNS frontman Tom Eggert as his producing engineer; together, they brought “Head Rush” and his whole EP to life with vivid sounds to match the dynamic emotions and experiences at his music’s core. Lewis doesn’t find catharsis or get closure in “Head Rush,” but he does show himself to be more open and vulnerable than ever before, and the result is as enchanting as it is emotional.