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Keeping up the momentum from last month’s “Pressure,” Hackney-born pop powerhouse Bree Runway is back with a heart-tugging ballad called “Somebody Like You.” Known for her party-starting pop anthems, Bree diverts from that completely on “Somebody Like You,” using her flawless vocal range to reminisce on the one that got away. This track peels back another layer of the East London native, showing glimpses of heartbreak and vulnerability and letting us know that there’s a lot more beneath the shiny surface. This track is a glorious dedication to a love that even features some surprisingly great 80s production. Visually, the Claire Arnold-directed movie-like clip is nothing short of what we’ve come to expect from a Bree music video: high production value, complete with fire and impressive choreography throughout. Speaking about the track, Bree says: “An ode to my future lover, in a generation where love and relationships have become so transactional, I’m still preserving myself for the real thing. ‘Somebody like you’ he is also like me; he will see value in a love that can’t be bought; it simply just is. It can be such an empty, soulless generation, but in all of that, I am still sure there is a precious diamond in all the dirt for me.” The synths and loud drums are blended incredibly well, and as always, Runway drops off a fantastic vocal performance that will undoubtedly wow first-time listeners. Overall, it is yet another great effort from her, and we cannot wait to hear more.

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