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Country music singer-songwriter Brett Eldredge released a new song, “Holy Water,” which follows his second-holiday album, “Mr. Christmas.” Eldredge reinvented his sound with 2020’s "Sunday Drive," leaving behind overly polished mainstream country for nuanced story-songs. To his credit, he’s not only sticking with the vibe of that album but building on it. His new song “Holy Water,” surprise-released on Christmas Eve to coincide with Eldredge’s association with the season, is a grand piano number that shows off the Chicago-area native’s range. It’s decidedly not a holiday song, but it does paint in similar tones of hope and redemption. The song was produced by Dave Cobb, who has overseen live-on-the-floor sessions by everyone from Chris Stapleton to Slash. It proves to be the right partnership: Eldredge sings easily and naturally here, with only piano joining him first. The vocalist who recently postponed shows after testing positive for Covid looks red-eyed, exhausted and discouraged. “Today has been a really rough day,” he said in the video on Instagram. “I decided to go check to see one last time to make sure it wasn’t Covid. And unfortunately, it turns out it was Covid, which really sucks. I’ve been so excited about playing this show. I know a lot of you have been so excited to go to it. Breaks my heart.”