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New Zealand pop duo BROODS, consisting of Georgia Nott and Caleb Nott, announced their fourth studio album, “Space Island,” along with their new single “Heartbreak.” The first offering arrived in September, and the Notts welcomed us back to the alt-R&B-pop world through “Piece of My Mind,” a track about escapism accompanied by a visual inspired by b-movies. Now, the second of three chapters lands via the space-age psychedelia of “Heartbreak,” It takes on a more personal matter as its themes are played out in vivid colour through a video animated by Dr. Foothead. An animator also crafted visuals for Mild High Club, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, and Babe Rainbow. “We wrote this from a place of determination. Determined to learn from the loss of my marriage and keep my heart open in its most tender state,” says GeorgiaNott. “When I say, ‘Let your heartbreak,’ I’m whispering to myself to stay present with the grief and transmute it into empathy. It was a mantra for me when I first separated from my husband. One of our parents would reiterate [it] to me daily at the beginning of my healing.” The duo's forthcoming studio album, "Space Island," is due out February 18 via Island Records Australia/Ingrooves.

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