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Canada's own Bryan Adams has launched another single from his upcoming album "So Happy It Hurts." This time it's the upbeat tune titled "Never Gonna Rain," which follows previous singles "Kick-Ass" (featuring comedian John Cleese), the title track, and "On The Road." “The pandemic and lockdown really brought home the truth that spontaneity can be taken away," he said. "Suddenly, all touring stopped; no one could jump in the car and go. The title song ‘So Happy It Hurts’ is about freedom, autonomy, spontaneity, and the open road's thrill. The album of the same name touches on many of the ephemeral things in life that are really the secret to happiness and, most importantly, human connection.” "The ultimate optimist is someone who keeps on expecting the best, even in the face of the worst," says Adams, explaining "Never Gonna Rain." "Living in the moment instead of in fear. Turning the negatives into positives. Taking the rain and turning it into a gift." The video for the single was directed by Adams and was filmed last November in the loading bay of the Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas, with guitarist Keith Scott on guitar and drummer Pat Steward. "So Happy It Hurts," Adams’ 15th LP and the singer spent much of his pandemic lockdown time crafting the record’s 12 tracks. "So Happy It Hurts" is scheduled to be released on March 11.