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Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams has released a new song, “On The Road,” from his upcoming fifteenth studio album “So Happy It Hurts.” The 61-year-old Ontario native explained that the album – his first since 2019’s "Shine a Light" – “touches on many of the ephemeral things in life that are really the secret to happiness, most importantly, human connection.” The single was released simultaneously as the presentation of the Pirelli Calendar 2022, conceived by Adams and is titled On the Road and portrays talents from the world of music that the artist has brought together on a journey across nationalities. The calendar captures an artist's life on tour, with photos of Bryan Adams and ten internationally famous musicians — Cher, Grimes, Jennifer Hudson, Normani, Rita Ora, Bohan Phoenix, Iggy Pop, Saweetie, St. Vincent and Kali Uchis. “It would be very, very hard to encapsulate everything that happens on the road in a couple of days," Bryan Adams said, "so what I tried to do was to represent some of the aspects of it … for example, musicians never really see the front of the building, they see the back of the building, we see the stage door, we see the backstage area, we see the basement of a building.” He continued, “You go from the stage door to the car door to the hotel door to the train door to the bus door, so it's a bunch of doors, but it's always about travelling." The 12-track collection "So Happy It Hurts" is set for release on March 11, 2022, and will be available in several different formats, including a limited edition box set that comes with a book and signed photo.