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Viral talent for writing and recording meaningful, intimate songs, Caleb has now shared his Nettwerk debut single, "Where Do We Go From Here?" a powerful story of a devastating love loss. Caleb says about the track, "easily one of the most personal songs I have ever written; it's inspired by a young couple that I knew growing up. I saw how strong and pure their love was for each other. Tragically, the wife passed away from cancer, leaving the husband and their two kids behind. Their story hit me in a way that I can't fully describe." Since his debut single, Caleb has emerged as part of the next-gen singer-songwriters with 1.4million TikTok followers and pushing 120k Spotify followers. Caleb weaves the classic live sounds of the singer-songwriter genre (piano, guitar, and strings) with his generation's undeniable talent for unfiltered lyrics that boldly tackle personal conflicts related to identity, politics, and mental health. When his breakout single "Always Be," a song about the death of a close friend, resonated with audiences on TikTok, the Internet followed Caleb's journey to re-releasing his song ["Always Be 2.0"] to own the master recording in its entirety. The reworked single amassed 13 million streams, followed by the equally successful track "Brown Eyes, Brown Hair" with nearly 14 million streams. Last year, Caleb collaborated with Jillian Rossi on "under the weather," which Lyrical Lemonade raved, "I respect these two artists for opening themselves up to the world... a moving and enthralling song," and American Songwriter hailed as "an honest anthem about the difficulties of mental health in isolation."

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