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UK pop music star on the rise Call Me Loop returns with a brand new powerful single ‘Year of the Ex." At its best, the new single is 3 minutes of pure, unabashed pop, and the song’s lyrics don’t take much decoding. It’s an empowering anthem for anyone struggling to navigate their way through the complexities of a relationship and is set to ignite pop fans worldwide. South London’s Call Me Loop, aka Georgia Buchanan, has a natural ability for birthing killer hooks and penning unfiltered and relatable lyrics. Call Me Loop shared, “I wrote Year Of The Ex at the end of 2020, a year which highlighted a bit of a bad habit of mine where I tend to go backward in love; to the comfort of familiarity, rather than taking the riskier move of leaping forward into the unknown. It’s an upbeat anthemic song, but the lyrical content is kinda sad. It’s a habit I need to break. Get a little bit braver in love. There you go, maybe that’s my next single title.” Call Me Loop music evokes all the best qualities of a popstar: a commanding, vibrant presence combined with an effortlessly cool charm that is set to dominate the year ahead.