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Country singer-songwriter Cam has released a beautiful Christmas original song, “Believe,” via RCA Records. The song serves as the second-holiday song in her holiday repertoire as in 2019, and she released her rendition of the beloved holiday song “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” Written by Cam and frequent collaborator Anders Mouridsen, the track features Cam’s signature, classic sound and is the perfect track to add to everyone’s holiday playlist. “My daughter Lucy is almost two years old and constantly gushing with excitement over everyday things like light switches and tree stumps,” says Cam. “She reminds me that what you choose to look for is what you’re going to see. One of my dear friends Anders Mouridsen and I wrote this song “Believe” about deciding to look for the good and choosing to open up our hearts to hope even in the darkest times.” n October 2020, Cam released her critically acclaimed album "The Otherside." The album chronicles a transitory period in Cam’s life as she tries to make sense of the world around her while sharing some of her best work yet. Using her magical storytelling to detail her journey to the other side, she speaks words of comfort that many of us need to hear in these moments. Cam wrote this record over the last three years between LA, Nashville and NYC with frequent collaborators Tyler Johnson (Harry Styles, Sam Smith) and Grammy-winner Jeff Bhasker (Kanye West, Bruno Mars), who also did produce the album.