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Carlie Hanson has released the new anti-judgment track “F*ck Your Labels.” The song is lifted from upcoming debut full-length "Tough Boy," set for a February 18 release. On “Fuck Your Labels,” “F*ck Your Labels’ is a rallying cry for anyone who feels like they’ve been thrown into any kind of box or judged because they don’t fit ‘societal norms.’ I wrote it about just being fed up with being labelled a certain way by people who are too stubborn to open up their minds,” said Carlie Hanson of the song. Carlie lets go of all of the judgement and negativity that has brought her down in the past. Over a mix of aggressive alt-rock and mellow hip-hop, Carlie mentions how she “left everything on the table,” only to be pushed away time and time again. In the end, Carlie accepts that she does not need to change for, or be labelled by, anyone, celebrating this notion in the choruses. Currently, on the cover of Alternative Press and sitting at a total of 268 million streams, Carlie is ready to have a phenomenal year. The artist has been working on her upcoming debut album "Tough Boy," her first full-length album since stepping onto the scene nearly five years ago. Containing a solid collection of tracks that showcase Carlie’s individuality, "Tough Boy" is sure to achieve her goal of being seen as more than “just a girl who makes pop music.”