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Singer-songwriter Cassadee Pope will release her upcoming fourth studio album, "Thrive." Now we get a taste of new music. Her latest single, "Tomorrow Night," is a fun, upbeat track written by Pope, Devin Guisande and Aaron Chafin, leans further into Cassadee's pop-punk sensibilities. "I had a chorus idea before my session with Devin Guisande and Aaron Chafin that really excited me. As a big Weezer fan, I really wanted to lean into that influence for this track," says Cassadee. "It's a love song at its core, wrapped in walls of guitars and high energy percussion. I hope people relate to this lyric of just wanting to fast forward to the moment you get to be with the person you're in love with." Pope has also released the music video for "Tomorrow Night," directed by Kamren Kennedy. The quirky video calls back to the style and feel of the early 2000s as it takes us through all the fidgety ways in which we may try to busy ourselves while aching for the time to pass. The conclusion of the music video features someone near and dear to Cassadee's heart and who she can't wait to see every day – her beloved dog, Cuppy. Fans can join Cassadee on September 24 at 7:30 pm CT for a special Virtual Meet and Greet where they can ask questions, take selfie screenshots and hang with Cassadee over Facetime video chat. Her new album "Thrive" will drop on October 15. 2021.

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