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Cautious Clay’s first full-length album is called "Deadpan Love," and it’s out June 25 via The Orchard. The singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist has also shared the LP’s new song “Shook” The debut album comprises of 14-track, including preceding singles “Strange Love” and “Roots,” and features a bel%guest appearance from Saba. Cautious Clay said of the album, “Deadpan Love explores the ways I cope with the worst of what humanity has to offer. It's about opposites—having an outer layer that's tougher, this “deadpan” state, and an inner layer of compassion, where you're open to being there for the people you care about. It's this warring compassion and cynicism that has empowered me to express myself through this medium.” On “Artificial Irrelevance” of the album, he played saxophone. He minored in jazz studies at George Washington University graduate. He said, “It was fun. The saxophone on that song was very, very purposeful, which is also why I loved it. It was sort of similar to how you hear somebody like Sarah Vaughan or Carmen McRae where they sing, and then there's a horn line that comes in between. I wanted to take a similar format with that song.”

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