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Charli XCX has dropped a brand new song called “Good Ones.” It’s her first new solo single since last year’s "How I’m Feeling Now." her latest single, embrace as she put it in a recent interview, the “Charli ultra popstar” version of herself, but uses this persona to examine her very human tics. Charli, the superstar, can still write a song that will make you wonder if the wetness in your eyes is sweat or tears. Good Ones” pairs emotional transparency—this time it’s her tendency to self-sabotage—with hypnotic, throbbing synths. As the song begins, Charli snarls over punchy production. But when this energetic opening dies down, she pairs her falsetto with a lonesome synth to make a fragile admission: “You couldn’t have loved me any better.” But like a clubber who Purell's between poppers, “Good Ones” is a little cautious and never fully lets loose. Charli XCX announced “Good Ones” in August along with the launch of her new podcast "Charli XCX’s Best Song Ever." Elsewhere, she appeared at 100 Gecs’ Minecraft music festival and released a documentary about the making of "How I’m Feeling Now." She’s also appeared as a guest on several tracks, teaming up with the likes of 100 Gecs, Bladee, and Elio. She joined A. G. Cook for “Xcxoplex” in May, and the two collaborated again on an update of Lady Gaga’s “911” for a newly released remixed edition of "Chromatica."