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British alt-pop singer-songwriter Charlotte OC released a drops a sultry and magnetic new song titled “Bad News." The track talks about coming to terms with a toxic relationship; the breakup ballad is the latest early offering from Charlotte OC’s forthcoming sophomore album, "Here Comes Trouble," out on October 15, 2021. "This song was written after a rough breakup, from a relationship that was simply — 'Bad News,'” Charlotte OC said. “It was the moment I realized, even though I was heartbroken — we weren't right for each other and were a recipe for disaster. This song is me in the throws of the upset and angry stage of a breakup.” When Charlotte OC offers up, “we’re both sad, we’re both screwed, we’re both bad, bad news,” we know there’s no going back. And it continues to set a poignant tone for "Here Comes Trouble."

Talking about her new music video, Charlotte says, “I wanted to convey the turbulence of a troubled relationship and show a couple that is wild and passionate but just ‘bad news.” Together with the director Dave East, she created a music video that’s raw and powerful at the same time. The Welsh countryside offered up a spectacular scenic backdrop for the music video “Bad News,” which was completely shot on 16mm film. Explaining the main concept, director Dave East adds, “The idea of the video was to put Charlotte in a mystic setting where she and her lover just cause chaos and are just not right for each other.” With a new album on the way, this promises to be a big year for Charlotte.