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Singer-songwriter Charlotte OC has released a new song “Mexico” along with a music video. With previous singles “Bad Bitch”, “Forest”, “Bad News” and “Centre of the Universe” setting the tone for her forthcoming full-length album, "Here Comes Trouble," due to drop October 15trh 2021. This is Charlotte’s most honest & vulnerable work This shows Charlotte broke and on the floor, mending the shattered pieces of her heart & forced to face her inner demons. You won’t get any more real than this. "Mexico" is the moment Charlotte realized her then the relationship was falling apart, consider it the precursor to Bad News that she dropped earlier this year. Charlotte explains “I wrote this song when my boyfriend at the time was away with work and we weren’t speaking much. I missed him a lot and wasn’t getting much from him, so this song is what I wished he was saying to me, but in reality, he wasn’t saying a lot.” The music video was directed by Charlotte OC herself. “I'm so proud and excited for this video as it's the first video I've ever directed,” she said. “I and Jan came together to bring alive an idea I had, to demonstrate my emotional state when making the song. Mexico is all about my ex being away during a time when we weren't great. I was trying to get his attention and to show him how much I loved him.”