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Montreal's Chiiild is gearing up to release his debut album "Hope for Sale," coming out this summer. Chiiild has just shared a new track titled "Eventually." The song mixes summery pop with alien R&B. The minimal versus strut along with a funky bassline and heavily processed vocals before the whole thing goes widescreen in the chorus, with soaring pop melodies, gorgeous falsetto and a generous amount of reverb. The lyrics allude to romantic strife, but the arrangement is pure joy. The genre-fluid artist's forthcoming album is set to be one of the most sonically diverse projects of the year, as stylistically disparate tunes such as "Sleepwalking," the Mahalia-assisted "Awake," and "Gone" have all showcased Chiiild's dynamic versatility. In addition, Chiiild is set to make an upcoming TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on June 8, in promotion of his new album which is set to be released on July 23.

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