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Singer-songwriter Christina Perri covered the Beatles' “Here Comes The Sun" from her upcoming fourth studio album “Songs For Rosie,” a lullaby album for her late daughter, Rosie. The original version of “Here Comes The Sun” was released by The Beatles from their eleventh studio album “Abbey Road” in 1969 and was written by George Harrison. "My daughter, Rosie, was born silent on November 24th, 2020," Perri wrote on Instagram. "I was already planning on making this lullaby album for her, as her big sister Carmella has one too! I thought it was especially important to do it still." She continued, "Rosie's short and powerful life already served such a huge purpose in our world, and she has lovingly changed me, paul and Carmella forever. We are more capable of love and compassion than we ever knew we could be. We learned how to hold space for loss and how to navigate unimaginable grief together, and music always heals. releasing these songs for Rosie is so important for our hearts." "I hope you enjoy these songs that we're singing for her; I hope you play them to your families in her honour," she concluded her post. "I hope you're inspired to think of anyone you may keep in your heart and most of all to, Rosie, our darling girl; we love you forever. come find us again soon." Over the past year, Perri has been open about her grief on social media. In July, she wrote on her Instagram Story that after she lost Rosie, "I thought I would never be ok again." "Here Comes the Sun" will be included in her upcoming album, "Songs For Rosie," set for release on Nov. 24th, 2021.